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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fashion Photographer BTS with Camy Couture

One of the things I never seem to have time for, but absolutely LOVE to do is capture what goes on behind the scenes, especially when I am in a unique location. I made a point to have my second camera set up with my 50mm lens at this shoot, just to use as a BTS camera. We were at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center photographing clothing from Camy Couture Orlando for Lake Mary Healthy Living Magazine.

There were a couple of fun last minute surprises, including Mosaic Marketing Solutions, who came to get behind the scenes video for an augmented reality piece for the magazine's app. WKMG Channel 6 also sent a camera man to film the shoot for a local news piece. I wore a mic for the piece while we were shooting the first two looks. It's an out of the ordinary experience wearing a mic for over an hour. I felt like I had to watch what I said. I was most worried about saying something absolutely ridiculous that the editing crew would have to edit out later; I'm sure they get a great laugh occasionally!

Hopefully I will be able to share more of these behind the scenes photos with you in the near future.
Lauren with BMG Models
I couldnt get over Lauren's "That's Awesome" shirt. What a fun way to cheer on our crew! 
Todd, Videographer from Mosaic Marketing Solutions.
Smile Todd!
Props from the prop room that I pulled out for the models to play with. You'll see these again in one of the final shots.
Alien Bee's. BZZZZ!
Judith Topper, publisher of Lake Mary Healthy Living, and Lauren's Mom chatting next to the grand piano prop.
The very organized electrical non-hazards, backstage just behind the stage curtain.
I love this intimate view of Ali putting the finishing touches on Lauren's hair.
I couldn't resist myself when Renee Blair pointed out this paper mache corn in the prop room! YES! It was not used in the photos. I pulled it out merely for my own amusement.
Natalie with BMG Models Florida
Right to Left: Judith Topper (Publisher Lake Mary Healthy Living magazine), Renee Blair (Renee Blair Graphic Design), Betsy Hansen (me), Ali Lee (Ali Artistry), Lauren and Natalie (BMG Models)
Say cheese, Ali!
Photography by Betsy Hansen
Styling by Becky Neimann, owner of Camy Couture Orlando
Wardrobe provided by Camy Couture Orlando
Hair and Makeup by Ali Lee
Models Lauren and Natalie with BMG Orlando/Miami

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Tony Romas

This is a quick recap on my shoot with Tony Romas Fire Grill, with some fun behind the scenes photos (of course!). We photographed during business hours in the restaurant itself, which is located close to the International Airport in Orlando. The bar and lounge area was where we staged and shot everything. It was a bit of a whirlwind, especially considering we started running behind. At one point we were 2.5 hours behind schedule because of some difficulty with bar drinks and the addition of a couple shots that were not originally planned. 

After breaking for lunch, I put the food styling team on a timer. They were allotted 30 minutes per item for food prep and styling. I also included photography in that 30 minutes as well. It was crazy rushed, but we managed to get everything in without cutting the shot list. The goal was to finish before 5:00, and we did! Cara made sure that I got a shot of her watch when we finished as proof.

It's a beautiful restaurant, and they have delicious food. I definitely recommend stopping in if you ever get a chance.


Setting up the mixed drinks shot at the bar.
Corporate chef making sure the food stylist had the food "correct" before being photographed.
Cara. Thumbs up!
The set.
The food styling team.
Inspiration from the marketing department.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Convert2Media CEO Steve Howe Portrait Shoot

Recently ranked 111 on Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies, Convert2Media has had quite the growth spurt over the past few years! As reported by, Convert2Media grew 2,726% in three years, from $872k in 2008 to $24.7m in 2011 (Amazing!!). The company's CEO, Steve Howe, contacted me after needing a couple sets of professional images to go with his unexpected onset of requested business profiles and interviews.

Behind the scenes on our set inside Steve's home. Photobomb by Pixie.
The set consisted of three lights. One main light with an umbrella on Steve plus two un-diffused background lights to flush out the white paper. We used several different props including a bar stool (seen in the photo), a low black stool (see to the right), a vintage Apple computer and a petrified wood log. It was a fun shoot, and we all had a blast! Steve is now an "old pro" at being in front of the camera.

Styling and Makeup by Jennifer Beverly.

Inc 5000: Convert2Media
Orlando Business Journal: Convert2Media

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Florida Magazine Association - Conference Review

Florida Magazine Association Board 2013-2014
The Florida Magazine Association Board 2013-2014,
minus a few key players.
It's the middle of a long week for me, and I wanted to take a second to write about the fantastic few days I had at the annual Florida Magazine Association conference last week. It's an amazing group of people who attend the conference, and they all joined us during a revolutionary time in the industry. The publishers, writers, art directors and others who attend the conference are the ones who are on the ball. They are craving knowledge on the industry and how to grow themselves as individuals. (I may have a seat on the board of directors, but I'd like to think I am not biased.)

The amazing speakers who joined us are top dogs in the industry right now. Josh Field and Jeff Piersall, founders of SCB Marketing and publishers of SpaceCoast Living and SpaceCoast Business, gave us an inspirational "coaches pep-talk" on evolution and revolution amongst magazines and the industry. Our keynote speaker and CEO of Sandow media, Adam Sandow, emerged from the shadows for a rare talk about how he started New Beauty Magazine during a recession and his methods of expansion during a downed economy.

My favorite talk was with Kristen Standish, publisher of Boston Magazine. Just over a year after the Boston Marathon bombing, she went into descriptive detail about how the staff, who does not normally cover timely news, handled the news-worthy event that hit them so close to home. She talked about how their owner missed being in the middle of the bombing within seconds, and how Kristen heard the blast and began running on the sidewalk while pushing her daughter in a stroller. The issue to be released had just gone to press, and they had to completely stop the presses. The team came together to rebuild the feature and the cover within a few days. The cover lines changed from "Why Everyone Hates Boston", referring to the city's sports teams, to "We Will Finish the Race". (What horrible timing for the original cover lines!) Runners who ran the race were profiled in the feature and their shoes, some still covered in dried blood, were photographed. I feel honored to have heard the story first-hand from someone who was in the heart of it all.

One more thing. I want to take a quick second to thank the board for inviting me to speak about photography. I got rave reviews from everyone who attended, and I am humbled to have shared my knowledge and experience to those who listened. Thank you!

Make sure you sign up next year!

Florida Magazine Association Conference 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Joy of Being Busy

“Never be so busy as not to think of others.”
Mother Teresa, -The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

I've been quite busy the past couple weeks. So busy that it's difficult for me to fit in this post, but as a commitment to myself and my career... I must write! I made a promise to myself in December, let's call it an early New Year's resolution, that I would keep my work life balanced. My vow was not to take on more work than I can handle well and to make sure I carve out the occasional block of personal time. I want to keep things steady and beautiful, not crazy and insane. The great news is that I've been working with some absolutely amazing clients recently, and I cannot express how thankful I am to have them!

I've come across two inspirational sayings this week; the first by Mother Teresa, listed above. The second by Saul Williams, who said, "I speak into a microphone, and with that comes responsibility". What I have been trying to figure out recently is how to combine the two ideas. How does one manage a life of busy, and keep a cool confidence enough to be a good leader to those around them? It's tough! In any profession, the higher you climb on the work-ladder, the more responsibility is laid in your lap. This is why the news/media loves to cling onto the mistakes of politicians, actors and business people. These are our leaders, and they are held to a certain expectation, an expectation that is too high for any real and honest human being. There is no room for error, and the speedy life of social media and instant gratification doesn't make the process any easier.

So, today, I just leave you with those two inspiring quotes and much to contemplate. How will you tackle these situations in your own life?

XO - Betsy